RJ Gaddafi

VJ @ milestonemakersofficial
Radio Host
Club FM 94.3.Cochin


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Sreeja Ravi and Raveena

എനിക്ക് പണി കിട്ടി അമ്മയുടെ പണി പോയി 😂 Club Studio with Sreeja Ravi and Raveena || RJ Gaddafi

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Experienced anchoring professional skilled in engaging and captivating audiences with a commanding and reassuring presence.

Radio Host.

Experienced radio host proficient in captivating and entertaining audiences with a dynamic and engaging on-air presence.

VJ @ milestonemakersofficial

Passionate VJ at Milestone Makers Official, specializing in crafting mesmerizing visuals and forging meaningful connections with our audience.

RJ @Club FM 94.3.Cochin

Seasoned RJ at Club FM 94.3 Cochin, dedicated to curating engaging radio shows and building meaningful connections with our listeners.

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