Old Photo Restoration

Repair old, damaged photographs and remove Scratches

How It Works?

Recognize the scratched old photos and repair them automatically. Our AI Repair system could remove the scratches from old photos and restore the damaged part of the photo. Your best tool for photo restoration. With an individual approach to photo restoration, we make sure that the repaired photo appears realistic, with true-to-life colors and tones. Even if the photo was taken many years ago, it doesn’t necessarily have to look time-worn – Ztudio Photo retouchers will perform the necessary enhancements, fix torn pieces, and correct colors to make the antique photo as glorious as ever.




Photo restoration online is a highly delicate process that requires accuracy, attention to detail and a certain level of Photoshop expertise. Our retouchers can remove scratches, creases and other types of damage without leaving any traces. Together with deep color correction it makes any old family photo look fresh and bright. Even if 50% of an antique photo is toughly damaged or scratched, we will help bring it back to the original state. Our retouchers will skillfully restore the skin texture, improve eyes, hair and other relevant elements, add missing parts, as well as correct the colors if necessary.









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